Our Mission: A dream to bring world-class music lessons to Houston and connect our students internationally!


We promote personal and artistic growth, intellectual flourishing and cultural appreciation

The International Music Academy is committed to comprehensive and expert music instruction for our students.  Our belief (supported by ample research) is that the study of music increases creativity, enhances intelligence and fosters cultural appreciation.  We provide an environment for students to enjoy personal growth, achieve their artistic potential and gain an excellent foundation for future college study if they choose this path.

Matthew and Ekaterina Loudermilk founded the International Music Academy in 2005, with a vision of bringing excellence and professionalism to pre-college classical music education. As students at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University, they saw a pressing need for professional music instruction for children (and adults) wishing to study classical music outside of academic settings. The founders were also motivated by a desire to break the stereotype that classical music is an activity for the “elite”, in which only certain people can participate. The Loudermilks’ experience at Rice reflected to them that Houston is a wonderfully diverse city with a need for classical music education.

           IMA students in China     

Today, the founders’ commitment to quality musical training includes the finest instructors, a grand piano in each practice room and frequent performance opportunities. The International Music Academy currently has over 250 students and sixteen instructors. It is the home of The Russian Connection, a cultural exchange program with the Igumonov State Music School in Moscow, Russia. As of 2015, a new partnership was forged with a prestigious music school in Dalian, China.