"Classics on the Move” is our program for young children designed to develop their musicality. Engaging in a wide range of musical activities enables children to understand and relate to music, ultimately leading to creative self-expression.

Our classes serve as great preparation for private music lessons as a way for children to fall in love with music before they start playing. Participants in this program have consistently demonstrated a stronger sense of rhythm, greater musical knowledge and increased creativity.

Spring Schedule

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Class 1



Class 2




Class 1 - Circle of Seasons class for children ages 3-5.

Class 2 - Music Makers level I Class for Children ages 4-6.

The class meets every Saturday for 12 weeks, starting on January 20th, except the week of Spring break.


For questions and class recommendations call or text Katarina Loudermilk at 832-372-9417 or email:  hello@theinternationalmusicacademy.com.

The curriculum we are using for our program is called Musikgarten. It is one of the most interesting, exciting and advanced curricula for young children today. You can read more about it at www.MusikGarten.org

A large emphasis of our class is listening to classical music. The main difference between classical and popular music of today is that classical music is all about dramatic development while popular music is usually capturing one emotion. That is why most popular songs are short, while a classical symphony could be more then an hour long. What keeps the listener captivated? The unfolding of the story in the piece. If we can hear it, we can “watch it like a movie” waiting for what happens at the end: does the hero win or lose, will he or she overcome or give up? The children will listen to the world's best masterpieces while moving with the music and acting out what they hear.