International Music Academy Houston (Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar and Early Childhood Music Lessons in the Galleria, Bellaire, West University, Meyerland, River Oaks area). performance anxiety workshop

Why Does Excitement and Anticipation Turn Into Dread? Performance anxiety causes, coping techniques and ways to improve.

This interactive workshop will offer the participants solid information from professional performing artists, along with practical exercises, designed to identify sources of their performance anxiety and are then given tools to work through it.




Ekaterina Ryndina Loudermilk

Workshop on performance anxiety for musicians, music teachers and music students of all ages. Teenagers 12 years and older can attend with or without their parents, for students younger then 12 it is most beneficial to attend with a parent.

Topics Covered:

  • Discover and battle destructive ideas/beliefs and develop a healthy attitude towards performing
  • Identify your anxiety triggers and prevent freezing on stage
  • Prepare well for a successful performance
  • Turn anxiety into excitement


This Workshop is for you if:

  • You find that when you are on stage it's hard to control your body, your hands are cold, shaky and wet, you feel nauseous and stiff
  • You feel you would be able to enjoy performing more if you could sleep at night before your performance
  • You froze on stage in the past and now every time you have to play you are filled with dread
  • You sometimes freeze on stage and find yourself unable to continue
  • You feel could perform better if you got less nervous on stage
  • You are not having fun playing the music you love
  • You hate performing
  • You don't understand why would anyone like performing!
  • Your young child gets too anxious about performing and says they are scared
  • Your students often mess up on stage even when well-prepared


Part One.

During the first hour we will discuss performance itself, its purpose, what brings joy and what causes fear.

Part Two.

After the short break we will discuss psychological triggers, how they work and why. The roots of performance anxiety often go deeper then we are aware, they are hiding in the shadows of our subconscious mind. They can be connected to a childhood trauma, or a manifestation of our parents' fear of embarrassment which gradually become our own. Sometimes a simple mistake can trigger a wide variety of devastating feelings, which on the surface are absolutely not connected to music or performing at all. Understanding this principal will give you an answer to many questions about your personal situation.

Part Three.

This is a practical part, so bring paper and pencil! During the last hour the participants will be given a number of exercises which will help identify triggers and strategies to control them. For the majority of people, the simple fact of understanding the situation brings significant improvement.

Ekaterina Ryndina Loudermilk, is a professional pianist and teacher with more then 20 years of experience. She performed throughout Russia and Europe preceding her move to the United States, where along with her husband Matthew Loudermilk she has started The International Music Academy. Ekaterina is a graduate of Rice University and Gnessins Music Academy in Moscow, which gave the world many outstanding artists, including Evgeniy Kissin. Growing up in the highly competitive environment, performing along side world class artists formed her character and attitude towards performing. Finding value in your own playing and holding on to your artistic identity no matter what happens around you became the foundation of Ekaterina's performing strategy. Her personal experience of a Pianist, a Daughter of a pianist and a Mother of a talented little musician, combined with extensive music and psychological education helped Ekaterina develop multiple strategies helping students learn to enjoy performing and grow up with a healthy and fulfilling music experience.