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The Art of Listening

Introductory lecture on how to listen and relate to Classical Music

Katarina Loudermilk

The Lecturer is Katarina Loudermilk

Saturday May 2nd at 2:00 p.m. CDT

The lectures are taught via Zoom.

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Experience classical music come to life and hear its story.

Music-lover introductory level 😊 no ability to read music necessary, no prerequisite.

This lecture is designed for everybody interested in classical music: for music lovers who would like to take their enjoyment to a new level, as well as absolute beginners who are interested but just don't know where to begin. Reading music is not necessary.

What is the importance of Western Classical Music and what sets it apart from popular music and the music of other cultures? Why does listening to classical music make you smarter? What is musical language and how do we begin to understand it?
These and many other questions will be answered in this lecture.
This lecture is for you...

  • If you like classical music in general, but get a little bored while listening to a long piece.
  • If you listen to classical music, but feel that there is something more to it and that, if you could just grasp it, your enjoyment would greatly deepen.
  • If you want to become a music lover, but just don't know where to start.
  • If you want to get smarter by listening to music, but fall asleep after a minute or two.

The History of Classical Music in 12 Piano Masterpieces

Katarina LoudermilkKatarina Loudermilk

Lecturers are Matthew and Katarina Loudermilk

The course will meet on Saturdays for 5 weeks - May 9th through June 6th - from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. You can watch the class from anywhere you like and ask questions during and after the lecture. Recordings of the lectures will be available to all participants for 6 months. The price is $95.

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Have you ever wondered why you learn historic facts multiple times, but can never remember any of them?

This is a way of learning history through its practical implications, rather than as a collection of facts. This class gives the listener an understanding of historic and philosophic trends, which creates a structure into which listeners can "plug in" all the facts they know from the past and will learn in the future.

This 8-week course is designed for music lovers who would like to deepen their understanding of music. It will unpack the concepts from the introductory lecture and show listeners how to apply them in practice. During the course we will analyze 12 well-known and well-loved piano masterpieces, showing important historic trends and the evolution of music forms. We will discuss different ways of analyzing music and how to "hear" the ideas composers are expressing in their works.

We will blitz through the birth of classical music and then consider the language of music and how it changes over time to reflect the cultural changes in the lives of the composers.

  • look at the music structure of Bach's time and see how his faith fits it perfectly.
  • see how the classical sonata - the most popular music form to this day - was influenced by German philosophic ideas.
  • wonder what Chopin and Liszt thought about life after death.
  • discuss why an American philosopher believed that Impressionistic music crossed the "line of despair."
  • think about what happened to the human soul in the 20th century and how that has changed classical music forever.

Music Theory online class

Let's take this opportunity to deepen our understanding and appreciation of music! Music theory is a study of how music is created and put together. It helps students better understand the pieces they are playing.

This 8-week course is designed for music students ages 6-9, who are enrolled in music lessons and can read music. It will prepare the children for the Texas Music Teachers Association State Theory Test and introduce them to great works of classical music. To see if this course is for you, talk to your music teacher teacher or email:

The limit is 10 students per class. The cost is $195.

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Ashley Narang

Teacher: Ashley Narang. This class meets on Thursdays - May 7th through June 25th - at 3:00 p.m.

Jennifer Lee Gutierrez

Teacher: Jennifer Lee Gutierrez. This class meets on Saturdays - May 9th through June27th - at 12:00 noon.

Improvisation and Keyboard Skills Intensive

Don't you wish you could just sit down at the piano and play any song you'd like? Actually, you could!

Charly Tran

The Teacher is Charly Tran. The classes are on Mondays - May 4th through June 29th - at 3:00 p.m. This class is for intermediate students aged 12 and up. Being comfortable reading music in both clefs is a prerequisite for this class. To see if you qualify email: The cost is $280.

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In this 8-week interactive hands-on class students will learn:

  1. Basic improvisation.
  2. Basic composition and arrangement techniques.
  3. Playing "lead sheets," a style of sheet music notation differing from classical music and commonly used in pop music and jazz. Lead sheets will be the primary tool in teaching the concepts of this course.

As one of the few universal languages in the world, music is a powerful tool which connects people in ways that seem almost magical. Behind this magic, however, there is a complicated process, which we will dive into. This class will help students to compose original music, arrange existing music into different styles, and make music freely in an instant without prior preparation.