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On-Site School Programs

The International Music Academy currently offers on-site school programs (after school hours) at Saint Vincent de Paul School and The Shlenker School. Please e-mail Matthew Loudermilk for available times.

St. Vincent de Paul School of Houston: Piano Lessons
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The Shlenker School of Houston: Piano Lessons, Keyboard Skills
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What We Can Offer Your Houston-area School

The International Music Academy provides music lessons and classes for on-site programs in your school or church. Contact Matthew Loudermilk to discuss a program for your students. We are responsible for scheduling and financial arrangements.

We provide accomplished teachers and guarantee high-quality instruction. We also offer performance opportunities and outreach programs for participating students.

Including the study of classical music in the on-site school curriculum enhances the educational opportunities of your school. Music lessons stimulate creativity, critical thinking and independence, in addition to improving math and spatial reasoning skills. Performing also builds a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the students.

Piano lessons

Private lessons are the best and most effective way to learn to play an instrument. One-on-one instruction allows the teacher to maximize the potential of each student. Lessons are 30 minutes and are appropriate for children ages 5 and up.

Facility requirement: room with a piano suitable for lessons.

Keyboard Skills

Keyboard class is designed to teach your child the basics of keyboard playing. Students will learn elements of music theory, such as rhythm, harmony and note reading, and how to apply them while playing an instrument. Proficiency at the keyboard provides an excellent foundation for future musical development. The class is appropriate for students with or without prior music study and will complement private lessons in piano or any other instrument. Instruction will be tailored to the needs and abilities of each child.

Facility requirement: piano lab, with 6 or more keyboards.

Insights in Music Class

Insights class is designed to stimulate your child’s interest in music and to enhance his or her understanding of it. The emphasis of this course is on developing children's listening skills. They will learn to listen carefully, to interpret and imagine, to relate to the music, as well as recognize specific elements of music such as rhythm, themes and character. This class will also include some elementary music theory such as reading notes, rhythm and meter, basic conducting and ear training. Courses are 50 minutes long and meet weekly. Taking this class will open the world of classical music for your child. This class is a great addition to private lessons in any instrument, or a wonderful opportunity for a child to be introduced to classical music without the extensive commitment required by private music lessons.

Facility requirement: Classroom with a stereo and a board.