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With all scheduling and payment questions contact our chamber music coordinator Laura Cividino

Program Requirements

Students enrolling in chamber music must be taking private lessons. Students who do not already have a private teacher can sign up for lessons at the Academy.

Attendance Policy

Students must attend all scheduled lessons unless the chamber instructor approves an absence in advance. Please communicate any known conflicts to your teacher as early as possible. There will be no makeups or refunds for missed lessons.


Students are expected to practice their individual parts in between lessons. Our most successful groups find additional time to rehearse together during the week and we strongly encourage it (immediately before/after scheduled lessons has worked well for many in the past). If space is an issue, your chamber instructor may be able to reserve a room at the Academy for you during non-peak hours – just ask.

Before the first lesson:

  • Print out your part and the score

  • Organize your music

    • individual sheets must be taped together or put in a binder

    • scores can be stapled together (unless you’re a pianist, in which case the score is your part)

    • don’t use sheet protectors (makes marking the part difficult)

  • Learn your part. You should be able to play through the entire piece at a moderate tempo.

  • Listen to your piece and follow along with your part or the score (do this as much as possible)


Materials to bring to each lesson:

  • Music (part and score)

  • Pencil and eraser